Welcoming Note

Dear Guests,

Welcome to Tamir Resort. Come and enjoy a lovely holiday in sun soaked, beautifully and uniquely formed rock surrounded area Terelj National Park. Our resort is located one of the best locations in the Terelj region. At an altitude of over 1600 m above sea level, you’ll find a breathtaking view of lush and inviting green meadows with beautiful flowers including the edelweiss.

Spend a night in a yurt and in just a few hours, you’ll discover the freedom of nomadic people. Live by the rhythm of the sun and recharge your batteries surrounded by pristine natural beauty.

We offer both cultural and sport activities to our guests such as rock formation hiking tour, Buddhist monastery trip, horse riding, nomadic family visit and so on.

During the summer season you benefit from the Package Price even with just one-night stay! We believe that after your stay, you will leave us with unforgettable great memories and most importantly, with fully relaxed body as well as refreshed energy.

Treat yourself – we look forward to seeing you!

Best Regards,

Ganbolormaa Ts.
Managing Director of Tamir Wellness